An average citizen can have the civic responsibility of overseeing between two governments (Federal and State) to upwards of a dozen (Fed, State, County, Town, Village, Fire District, Water District, Sanitary District, Sewage District, Garbage District, TIF District, Conservation District, etc). This can be a difficult job. Too many governments make it hard to find relevant information. Others imagine that it's ok to make people wade through long report after report. It's not ok.

Many people just give up, try to concentrate on "what's important", and hope that what they let go isn't going to cost too much.

For twenty years, managers have faced this very problem and solved it with analytic reports coming from data warehouses and called business intelligence. Nobody has taken on the task of building out an independent set of dashboards to accomplish the same thing for regular people, until now.

Citizen Intelligence (CitInt) is the data store, the reports, and the delivery mechanism to get 21st century government oversight tools into everybody's hands.